• Alex Mitchell

Voltorb Car Bomb EP dropping 4/2/2021

I have some super exciting news: I am dropping a new CD for Voltorb Car Bomb on Friday. VCB was a chiptune project I created back in 2012 along with my friend Austin from Florida. Together we made an EP called Korea Dream, which was a short selection of bright, flavorful and catchy chiptune songs. But this release is a bit different.

Since Austin is busy serving time in the army, I decided to write these songs by myself; with a new direction in mind. This project is darker in tone, a *little* bit more psychedelic and video game inspired. Not to mention my production has improved since the first drop.

The new EP is called Technique Machine and it has 8 tracks on it. Each track is significantly different and is based on Pokémon moves from the first generation. It is the first chiptune album that I've worked on in a number of years and so I am very excited for this new drop. I'll be posting more about it on Friday.

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