Alex John Mitchell is a Puerto Rican American musician, composer, producer, engineer and song writer. He is based in Long Island, New York. He is best known for his work in electronic and metal styles such as Chiptune, Nintendocore, Deathcore, Grindcore, Hip-Hop and Ambient.


Around 2009-2010, Alex became interested in composing electronic music after discovering the niche genre Nintendocore. Artists like Insert Disc, 100DEADRABBITS!!!, iamerror and I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog were some of his influences.


Having only on a cheap computer and no knowledge of music theory, he decided to download FL Studio to see if he could make music similar to his favorite artists. He quickly developed an ear for melodies and timbres, as well as gaining an understanding of song structure, song arrangement and music production.


His catalogue contains a wide variety of genres, sounds and musical projects.